• Know Inner Peace Anytime you want
  • Eliminate Stress
  • Enhance concentration
  • Integrate Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Increase Mind Powers
  • Experience the Quickening
  • Awaken to your highest potential

Learn for yourself the secrets that these people, places,  and experiences have taught him in this concise course.

Master Richard Van Donk has traveled the world on a spiritual quest. He has walked the path Christ carried the cross, sat under the Bodhi tree where Buddha obtained enlightenment, climbed to the top of the Pyramids in Egypt, chanted with monks in Mikkyo temples in Japan, meditated with the Dalai Lama, one of the first to learned Reiki from Takata in the 1970's, became a spiritual minister in 1975, did Silva Mid Control with Jose Silva, studied the ancient Dao teachings in China, lived in a Swamji's ashram in India, learned some Kuji Kiri from Ninjutsu Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, became a martial arts master, was initiated into Babaji's Kriya Yoga, power sweated in healing ceremonies with Native American Indians, delved into other worlds with Amazon Shamans and much, much more.

In this Living the Spiritual Course Richard shares with you many ideas and concepts and actual practices that can empower and transform your life. These transformations and empowerment's can take you farther on the Spiritual Path as a way of living.

Begin your path today - 

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Your Sourcing Enlightenment Course

Package Includes:


Obtain heightened enlightenment through increased awareness and practice basic and advanced meditation processes usually only revealed to a chosen few in sacred initiations. 20 years and 250,000 miles of research is packed into a step-by step-guide on how to personally obtain heightened self awareness. Learn to meditate, open your chakras, activate your energy system, tune into God, direct your mind and experience the enlightening Quickening Process! The manual complements and adds to the dvds and cds, detailing the exercises demonstrated and much more. 114 Pages



From ancient wisdom to modern ways Richard shares what it is like to live the spiritual path and how to obtain life’s wisdom and personal enhancement for yourself. Life’s toughest battles usually occur between our own two ears and the true goal of a martial artist is to transcend all conflict within and without. Enrich your life experience and enhance your ability to live a fulfilled and wholesome life. Break free of your mental conditioning and travel the spiritual path to new dimensions.
1 hour DVD


Obtain enlightenment, eliminate stress, enhance concentration, and integrate your body, mind and spirit with these proven methods for raising your body’s energy. Immerse yourself in spirit, obtain deep relaxation /meditation and/ or transcend into higher aspects of God. Nowhere else in the world are the best of the best methods of great masters and sages from around the globe waiting for you to personally practice.
Approx. 2 hour DVD  


How to reach Enlightened states of consciousness through sacred  ancient Empowerments is revealed here to the general public for the first time! Meditation instructors say this process is most incredible and takes them to new heights never achieved before. 25 years of research is rolled into this very powerful self initiation process. 46 minute CD  

Know peace, truth, consciousness and God Realization for yourself. Awaken your optimal human experience. This is a very powerful guided enlightenment process for beginners and advanced meditation practitioners. Journey deep inside, activate an enlightened state, open your energy systems and merge with the divine source of all creation. Awaken yourself! 46 minute CD

Know peace, truth, consciousness, joy and God Realization for yourself as you awaken to your optimal human experience.

TIP #1
- Begin with your next conscious breath and never lose awareness of your living breath.

#DVD306 $127.00


The world is changing at a very rapid pace. Information that was once very secret and hard to find is now becoming available. Even a teacher in the farthest corner of the planet, living in a hidden mountain cave now has a video or a website made by their followers. So how do we sort out the good from the not so good? The useful from the not worth knowing? Our lives may be filled with information but we are still starved for true knowledge.

Shihan Van Donk has literally traveled the world searching for knowledge and ways to live a better life, sorting through the garbage to find a few pearls of wisdom. Many people all over the world want change but don't have the means or the desire to do all this travel and study. They want the best core teachings they can get to start from and then the ability to learn more on their own. Our desire is to bring this knowledge to you, packaged so that you can learn it step by step anywhere you are, whether at home or on the road.

Living the Spiritual Path Course

Everyone that I have ever encountered in life has admitted that no matter how great the experience or inner knowing that there is a feeling that something more exists. They all want a better life and really are not convinced 100% how. People believe in a higher power of sorts with out ever really seeing it. Oh, perhaps they get a feeling, a glimpse or a rush of energy that may even shift them. They may go to a church or study a book or two and still feel that there must be something more.

Well that something more may be a daily practice. Something that fulfills them and connects them to the divine source of their life itself.

You may find that this course is just that daily practice and source connection you are seeking to fulfill yourself.

Know peace, truth, higher consciousness, joy through the path of Self Realization towards God Realization. Awaken to your optimal human experience. Begin with your next conscious breath and never lose awareness of it.

Master Richard Van Donk has spent over 35 years traveling the world on a spiritual quest. In his travels he has walked the path Christ carried the cross, sat  under the Bodhi tree where the Buddha obtained enlightenment, climbed to the top of the Pyramids in Egypt, chanted with Monks in Japan in Mikkyo temples, meditated with the Dalai Lama, lived in Swamji's ashram in India, learned some Kuji Kiri from Grandmaster Hatsumi, sweated in healing ceremonies with Native American Shamans and much more to find the inner core truths.

He sought out the teachers, preachers, rabbis, shamans, gurus, mystics, priests, healers, going beyond their religions extracting from them how they personally experienced the highest spiritual state possible. What was their personal method? What personal practice did they do daily?

And out of those core methods he discovered some very closely guarded secrets that many peoples from different walks of life and different religious beliefs did to know God better and to become more awakened human beings. This is a Spiritual Course that has nothing to do with religion and will help you accentuate any religion that you practice. Learn for yourself the secrets that these people and experiences have taught him.


#DVD306 $127.00

See you in the Light!

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